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MOCHA JAVA BODY SCRUB: Mocha Java Body Scrub is a traditional sugar-based exfoliant that delivers the circulation supporting benefits of rich Kona Cošee and pure, natural Brown Cane Sugar. Cašeine, found in cošee, is a natural anti-oxidant and powerful skin conditioner. It energizes circulation and hydration, making this scrub a delightful sensory body care essential.


KUKUI CANE SUGAR SCRUB: Support circulation with this natural sugar scrub that gently bušs dry skin, while delivering intensive moisture. This cane sugar-based exfoliant is harmoniously blended with natural oils that deeply moisturize the skin. This gentle, manual body scrub dissolves when blended with warm water making it suitable for application on delicate areas, post shaving or waxing, or on the feet and hands.


TUSCAN BODY SCRUB: Enjoy the exfoliating benefits of this classic body gel-scrub that pampers and polishes skin with fine marble grains for a smooth as silk finish. A ctirus infusion of natural oils and skin revitalizers nourish and invigorate dull skin in rough areas that are harder to maintain.